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However, the newest version of the file is 3 years old – 2014 – despite the laptop being only 2 years old (???) and having had several W10 updates in that time. FYI, I have solved my problem by moving the icons one “space” away from the screen edges. set align to grid on, move every icon 1 grid away from your display edges, uncheck align to grid . I’ve been able to suspend, hibernate, sleep, remove laptop from port replicator, connect to projectors which reset resolutions etc and my icons remain in place. only catch is installing new apps or saving docs to desktop, the new icons will be at the edges and need to be moved otherwise guess wikidll.com/other/avchrome-dll what happens… so I loose a bit of screen real estate, ehh. TweetShareShareEmailCommentsDo you like a personalized Windows 10 desktop with your shortcuts, files, and other items organized in a specific way?

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So if you’re already using a Microsoft account, you should first switch your Microsoft account to a local account before applying this policy. Not sure how old this chain is – but when I checked today for the iconcache file (which is actually iconcache.db) I found 3- one in each User profile .

Allows users to configure the accessibility of their PC. Some functions, particularly the ability to add and remove user accounts, were moved exclusively to this app on Windows 8 and cannot be performed from Control Panel. But we use roaming profiles and so the settings from the lab overwrite the usersettings… and if the users go to their own desktops, they have the lab-background.

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In this manner, only the Administrator account can install and remove apps and programs on the PC. Close all the windows you have opened, log in with the user you set the restriction for and try installing an app to see if it worked. The best ways to prevent users from setting up applications is by using AppLocker, Group Policy Editor, standard user accounts, and a tool like WinGuard Pro. The business versions of Windows also include Group Policies, which allow IT managers to control how their fleets of PCs work. Type edit group policy in the Windows search box and run the editor (gpedit.msc), then look for Windows Update in the Administrative Templates section, under Computer Configuration.

The default setting is “3 – Download the updates automatically and notify when they are ready to be installed”. You can change it to “2 – Notify for download and notify for install”. That will reduce the chances of Windows 10 installing downloads when you’re not ready for them. You need to be an administrator to create a new account. The procedure of adding new users to the computer can be different depending on the distribution and administration settings. Please refer to your operating system documentation for details on how to create a user profile. Minecraft launcher configuration- You can make Minecraft run with different settings or in different versions by using different configurations, accessible from the Minecraft launcher .

If you chose the restricted registry keys to configured the wallpaper then ensure you also select the “Replace” action and “Remove this item when it is no longer applied” common option is selected . If you don’t do this you will find that your users will not be able to change their wallpaper even after the policy is removed as the policy registry key will not be removed. Another quick way to prevent other users from installing software on your PC is by using standard user accounts.

If so, you might have noticed they can change location when the screen is refreshed. For example, it tends to happen when you modify the screen resolution. It can be quite frustrating after organizing your desktop icons, only to have them disorganized when you connect a second display or refresh the screen. On the Advanced tab, users can also modify virtual memory settings. If there is enough disk space, users might want to allow Windows to manage the paging file — an area on the hard disk that Windows uses as if it were RAM. If necessary, move the paging file to a faster disk or configure the size of the file by clicking Change.

To clean up system files when logged in as a standard user, access Windows 10 Disk Cleanup in File Explorer by right-clicking a disk under This PC and selecting Properties from the resulting menu. Ensuring that Windows has enough free disk space is essential for normal operations, as well as for making room for updates. If a system drive is critically low on free space, a pop-up alert will appear on the user’s screen. File Explorer also indicates that space is running low by changing the color of the Local Disk free-space indicator within This PC from blue to red. )This applet has two main functions, the first is specify settings for Speech synthesis, allowing the user to select the voice the computer should use to narrate text and how fast it should read.

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