The art of barbering is a long-standing Turkish tradition, dating back to the time of the Ottoman Empire. With our skilled and experienced barbers we are bringing this tradition to the town of Marlborough with The Turkish Job.

We offer clipper, scissor cuts, close-shave or beard trim, shampoo and blow-dry with all cutting by our fully experienced barbers. We have four cutting positions so you should not have to wait! Just walk in any time.

We are open from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday,  8:30 am – 5:00 pm Saturday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Sunday (Including Bank Holidays). We are located at Unit 3, Old Hughenden Yard, High Street, Marlborough SN8 1LT.


Our treatments come with a complimentary drink of a Turkish Chai (Tea) or a coffee

Hair cut

We promise a proper haircut, clean around the neck, eyebrows trimmed, ears flamed and
styling your hair, touch of a real master.

£ 13

Full Service

Clean around the neck, close shave or beard trim, ear flaming, hair wash, hot towel, arm massage and hair styling (skin fade option an extra £5)

£ 35

One grade all over

One grade of your choice, clean around the neck, eyebrows trimmed & ears flamed.

£ 11

Skin fade

Trendy and popular men’s taper fade cut along with ear flaming, hair wash, eyebrows
trimmed and hair styling.

£ 15

Full head shave

Full razored head shave & wash, ears flamed and eyebrows trimmed.

£ 15

Wet shave

Clean around the neck, close shave or beard trim, ear flaming, hair wash, hot towel, arm massage and hair styling

£ 12

Style wet shave

Personalised wet shave with special requests.

£ 14

Beard style by machine

Specially styled by machine to your request.

£ 18

Beard trim

Trimming your beard to your request.

£ 5

Hot towel

Hot steamed towel covering your face with cream.

£ 4

OAP Hair Cut

Clean around the neck, eyebrows trimmed, ears flamed and styling your hair, touch of a
real master.

£ 10

Head massage

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage of your head, arms & shoulder.

£ 5


A thin cotton thread is doubled then twisted and rolled over areas of unwanted hair.

£ 8

Ear wax

Waxing your ears with hot wax, then peeled with unwanted hair.

£ 3

Face wax

Waxing your face areas of unwanted hair.

£ 3

Full wax

Ear, nose and face waxed and peeled with unwanted hair.

£ 10

Kids hair cut

Under ten, clean around the neck, eyebrows trimmed, ears flamed and styling your hair,
touch of a real master.

£ 10

Hair Cut, wash, blow dry

Clean around the neck, ear flaming, hair wash, eyebrows trimmed and hair styling

£ 15


We are located at:

Unit 3,

Old Hughenden Yard,

High Street,

Marlborough SN8 1LT



We are open from:

Monday-Friday:    9:00am-6:00pm

Saturday:               8:00am-5:00pm

Sunday:                  10:00am-4:00pm
(Including Bank Holidays)

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PlayStation Portable

The PlayStation Portable


Sony Computer system Amusement first introduced development of the PlayStation Portable at an interview preceding E3 2003. Although examples were not presented, Sony released substantial technical details. CEO Ken Kutaragi called the tool the “” Walkman of the 21st century””, a referral to the console'’ s multimedia capacities. Numerous gaming sites were impressed with the handheld'’ s computing capacities, and anticipated its prospective as a pc gaming platform.
In the 1990s, Nintendo had dominated the handheld market since launching its Video game Boy in 1989, experiencing close competitors only from Bandai'’ s WonderSwan (1999–– 2003) in Japan as well as Sega'’ s Video game Gear(1990-2001). In January 1999, Sony had released the briefly successful PocketStation in Japan as its very first venture right into the handheld gaming market. The SNK Neo Geo Pocket and also Nokia'’ s N-Gage also failed to cut into Nintendo'’ s share. According to an IDC analyst in 2004, the PSP was the “” first legit rival to Nintendo'’ s prominence in the portable market””.
The first concept images of the PSP appeared at a Sony business strategy meeting in November 2003, and featured a design with flat buttons and no analog joystick. Although some reviewers expressed worry about the absence of an analog stick, these concerns were abated when the PSP was formally unveiled at the Sony press conference throughout E3 2004. Sony released a checklist of 99 designer companies that pledged support for the brand-new portable. A number of game demos such as Konami'’ s Metal Gear Acid as well as Workshop Liverpool'’ s Wipeout Pure were additionally revealed at the conference. (PSP) is a handheld video game console established and marketed by Sony Computer system Amusement. It was first released in Japan on December 12, 2004, in The United States And Canada on March 24, 2005, as well as in BUDDY regions on September 1, 2005, as well as is the first portable installation in the PlayStation line of gaming consoles. As a seventh generation console it took on the Nintendo DS.
Advancement of the PSP was announced throughout E3 2003, and the console was revealed at a Sony press conference on May 11, 2004. The system was the most effective portable console when it was presented, and was the initial real rival of Nintendo'’ s portable consoles after several challengers, such as Nokia'’ s N-Gage, had actually failed. The PSP'’ s advanced graphics abilities made it a preferred mobile entertainment gadget, which might link to the PlayStation 2 and also PlayStation 3 consoles, any computer system with USB interface, other PSP systems, and also the Internet. The PSP additionally had a substantial variety of multimedia features such as video playback, therefore has been taken into consideration a portable media gamer too. The PSP is the only portable console to make use of an optical disc layout –– Universal Media Disc (UMD) –– as its primary storage medium; both games and also movies have been released on the style.
The PSP was received favorably by critics, and also offered over 80 million units throughout its ten-year lifetime. Numerous versions of the console were launched, prior to the PSP line was done well by the PlayStation Vita, released in Japan in 2011 and also worldwide a year later. The Vita has in reverse compatibility with PSP games that were released on the PlayStation Network through the PlayStation Store, which came to be the major technique of buying PSP video games after Sony closed down accessibility to the shop from the PSP on March 31, 2016. Hardware deliveries of the PSP finished worldwide in 2014; manufacturing of UMDs finished when the last Japanese manufacturing facility creating them enclosed late 2016.



The PSP-2000, marketed in BUDDY countries as the “” PSP Slim””, is the very first redesign of the PlayStation Portable. The PSP-2000 system is slimmer and also lighter than the original PSP, decreased from 0.91 to 0.73 inches (23 to 18.6 mm) and from 9.87 to 6.66 ounces (280 to 189 g). At E3 2007, Sony launched details about a slimmer as well as lighter version for the tool, which was first launched in Hong Kong on August 30, 2007, in Europe on September 5, in The United States And Canada on September 6, in South Korea on September 7, and in Australia on September 12. The UK release for the PSP 2000 was 14 September.
The serial port was customized to accommodate a new video-out function, making it inappropriate with older PSP remote controls. On the PSP-2000, games only output to outside monitors as well as televisions in modern check mode. Non-game video outputs operate in either modern or interlaced setting. USB charging was introduced and the D-Pad was increased in action to complaints of inadequate performance and the responsiveness of the switches was boosted.
Various other modifications include improved WLAN modules and also micro-controller, and a thinner, brighter LCD display. To improve the poor loading times of UMD games on the original PSP, the inner memory (RAM as well as Flash ROM) was doubled from 32 MB to 64 MEGABYTES, part of which currently serving as a cache, additionally enhancing the internet browser'’ s performance PSP-3000 In comparison with the PSP-2000, the 3000, marketed in PAL areas as “PSP Slim & Lite” or “PSP Brite”, has an enhanced LCD screen with & an enhanced color variety, five times the contrast proportion, a halved pixel reaction time, brand-new sub-pixel structure, and anti-reflective modern technology to lower outdoor glare. The disc tray, logos, as well as buttons were all upgraded, and a microphone was added. Gamings might now be outcome in either element or composite video clip making use of the video-out cable television. Some electrical outlets called this design “a small upgrade. The PSP-3000 was launched in The United States and Canada on October 14, 2008, in Japan on October 16, in Europe on October 17
, and in Australia on October 23. In its initial four days for sale in Japan, the PSP-3000 sold over 141,270 devices, according to Famitsu; it offered 267,000 units throughout October. On its release, an issue with interlacing when things remained in motion on the PSP-3000 display was observed.
Sony announced this trouble would certainly not be fixed. PSP Go (N1000) The PSP Go (design PSP-N1000)was released on October 1, 2009, in North American and European regions, and also on November 1 in Japan. It was exposed before E3 2009 with Sony ‘ s Qore video clip as needed service. Its design is substantially various from various other PSP models. The system is 43%lighter and also 56 %smaller than the original PSP-1000, and 16%lighter as well as 35%smaller than the PSP-3000. Its rechargeable battery is not intended
to be eliminated by the user. It has a 3.8-inch( 97 mm )480 & times; 272 pixel LCD display, which slides approximately disclose the major controls. The overall shape and gliding mechanism are similar to those of Sony ‘ s mylo COM-2 Web gadget × The PSP Go attributes 802. Wi-Fi like its predecessors, although the USB port was changed with a proprietary connector. A compatible wire that connects to other devices ‘ USB ports is included with the system. The brand-new multi-use adapter enables video and sound outcome with the very same connector making use of an optional composite or part AV cable television. Similar to' previous designs, Sony also supplies a cradle (PSP-N340)for charging, video clip out, and also USB information transfer on the PSP Go. This design adds assistance for Bluetooth connection, which makes it possible for the playing of games making use of a Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controller. Using the cradle with the controller allow players to utilize the PSP Go as a portable device and as a console, although the output is not upscaled. PlayStation 1 video games can be played completely screen utilizing the AV/component cord or the cradle. The PSP Go does not have a UMD drive, and also rather has 16 GB of interior flash memory, which can be prolonged by approximately 32 GB with using a Memory Stick Micro(
M2). Gamings need to be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. The removal of the UMD drive properly region-locks the device because it need to be connected to a solitary, region-locked PlayStation Network account. While the PSP Go can download and install video games to itself, individuals can additionally download and install as well as transfer games to the gadget from a PlayStation 3 console, or the Windows-based software program Media Go. All downloadable PSP as well as PlayStation games available for older PSP designs are compatible with the PSP Go. Sony confirmed that almost all UMD-based PSP video games released after October 1, 2009, would certainly be offered to download and install and that most older UMD-only video games would certainly also be downloadable. In February 2010, it was reported that Sony could re-launch the PSP Go due to the absence of customer passion and bad sales. In June 2010, Sony began bundling the console with 10 cost-free downloadable games; the very same deal was made available in Australia in July. 3 cost-free ready the PSP Go were supplied in America. In October that year, Sony revealed it would certainly reduce the rate of the unit. On April 20, 2011, the producer revealed that the PSP Go would be stopped beyond North America so it might concentrate on the PlayStation Vita. PSP Road( E1000 )The PSP-E1000, which was announced at Gamescom 2011, is a budget-focused model that was launched across the BUDDY region on October 26 of that year. The E1000 lacks Wi-Fi capacity and also has a matte, charcoal-black surface comparable to that of the slim PlayStation 3. It has a monaural audio speaker instead of the previous models ‘ stereo audio speakers and lacks a microphone. This design additionally did not have the physical illumination buttons from the front of the portable, rather offering brightness controls in the System Software program ‘ s ‘ Power Conserve Settings ‘ food selection. An ice-white variation was launched in CHUM territories on July 20, 2012. Packages and shades The PSP was offered in four primary configurations. The Base Load, called the Core Cram in The United States and Canada, had the console, a battery, 'and an Air Conditioner adapter.
This variation was readily available at launch in Japan and was released later If you want to download playstation games to your device for free, go to our website https://freeromsdownload.com/roms/playstation-portable

in The United States and Canada and

Europe. Many restricted editions of the PSP were bundled with accessories, video games, or movies. Limited-edition models were first released in Japan on September 12, 2007; North America as well as Europe on September 5; in Australia on September 12, and in the UK on October 26.
The PSP-2000 was offered in piano black, ceramic white, ice silver, mint green, felicia blue, lavender purple, deep red, matte bronze, metal blue, and also increased pink as typical shades. Several special-edition consoles were colored as well as ended up to offer with certain video games, consisting of Final Fantasy VII: Situation Core(ice silver engraved), Star Ocean: First Separation(felicia blue engraved), Gundam(red gloss/matte black), and also Beast Seeker Liberty (gold silkscreened)in Japan, Celebrity Wars(Darth Vader silkscreened), and also God of War: Chains of Olympus (Kratos silkscreened )in North America, The Simpsons(intense yellow with white buttons, analog and also disc tray)in Australia as well as New Zealand, and Spider-Man (red gloss/matte black )in Europe. he PSP-3000 was made available in piano black, pearl white, mystic silver, radiant red, dynamic blue, spirited environment-friendly, blossom pink, blue-green green and also lilac purple. The restricted edition “Large Boss Pack” of Metal Equipment Solid: Peace Pedestrian had a camouflage pattern while the God of War: Ghost of
Sparta bundle pack included a black-and-red two-toned PSP. The Dissidia 012 Final Dream Cosmos & Disorder edition that was released on March 3, 2011, has an Amano art work as the PSP ‘ s deal with plate “.

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